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Silo is the name given to large structures, usually cylindrical, where products or materials are stored. This product may have different nomenclature according to the material it is stored. Grain, concrete, cement, etc. can be given as examples. For example, when they are used for grain storage, they prevent grains from rotting and deteriorating.

What is a silo? It is a vertical structure usually used for storage purposes and is found in many different industrial applications. These structures, which refer to special storage areas used especially in the agricultural industry; It is designed for long-term storage of harvested grains, pulses and other vegetable products. Thus, the commercial value of the products is also preserved.


What does silo mean?

Silos are types of structures used to meet industrial storage requirements. Thanks to this product group, the productivity of enterprises increases. The products preferred in the building and construction sector are mostly composed of concrete walls. These are generally used for the storage of construction materials, chemicals, flour and cement.

The durability of products made of concrete ensures that such materials are protected and isolated from environmental factors. As mentioned before, the agricultural industry is also an important field where these products are used. They are designed for long-term storage of harvested pulses, maize and other vegetable products. Preventing the spoilage of these products is beneficial for both direct consumption and commercial purposes.

Our product range is also highly functional in the storage and transport of chemical products. Coal and fuel silos are used for the storage of fuel materials for power generation or industrial processes. They help to safely store coal, petrol, natural gas and other types of fuel. Our products ensure that power generation plants have access to a continuous and reliable fuel supply.

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