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Fluid Bed Dryer

A fluidised bed dryer is an industrial drying system used for drying moist materials. This dryer works by moving the materials in air and mixing them freely. This process increases the surface area of the material, resulting in fast and uniform drying.

Fluid bed dryer has a wide range of uses in chemical, food, pharmaceutical, environmental and other industrial applications. It can be used in the food industry for processes such as fruit and vegetable drying. These devices can be utilised for drying and preparation of biomass, biogas or other energy sources. Therefore, the usage area of fluidised bed dryers is quite wide.

The working principle of the fluidised bed dryer is as follows;

Moist material is placed in the bed. Heated air is pumped into the bed by the air distribution system.
The material in contact with the air is transported quickly enough to overcome the friction force between the material particles. This allows the material to move freely.
The heated air vaporises the moisture in the material and helps to transport it. This process causes the material to dry out.
The dried material is transported through the fluidised bed and the drying process is completed.

Fluid Bed Dryer

What is Fluid Bed Dryer?

What is fluidised bed drying? Briefly defined, it is a system that is frequently used in many areas of industrial production for activities such as drying and cooling. In this way, it is possible to dry the products without loss of quality and in a short time. The sections in the fluidised dryer can be listed as follows;


The area where the dried material is located is called the “bed”. This bed supports the moist material in contact with air.

Air Distribution System

Kurutma işlemi için kullanılan hava, yatak içine taşınır ve malzemeyi havada asılı tutar. Bu hava, kurutma işlemi sırasında sıcak ve nemli olabilir.

Heat Source

The heat source provides the heat of the air which is used to dry the material. This is usually achieved through the use of heating elements or steam.

Where is Fluidised Bed Used?

Food Processing: In the food industry, it is used for drying fruits, vegetables, cereals, dairy products and other foodstuffs. For example, they are used in processes such as fruit drying, vegetable drying, milk powder production.

Pharmaceuticals and Chemistry

In pharmaceutical production, it is used for drying pharmaceutical raw materials and active ingredients. In the chemical industry, it is used for drying chemical products and chemical additives.

Mining and Minerals

In the mining industry, they are used for drying and purification of mineral raw materials. For example, they are widely used in the production of clay, salt and cement.

Agriculture and Livestock

In the agricultural sector, it is used for animal feed, feed additives and drying of agricultural products.

Environmental Practices

It is used for drying and processing of waste materials in waste management and recycling processes. It can be used in environmental projects such as biomass energy production.

Energy Generation

Biomass can be used for drying and preparation of biogas or other energy sources.

Material Processing

It is used for drying and granulating of plastics, resins, mineral powders and similar materials.

Medicine and Health

It can be used for drying materials for the production of medical devices, surgical equipment and pharmaceuticals.

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