Tilting Type Ovens

Tilting type furnaces are important equipment used in industrial processes. These furnaces are used in various industries such as mining, metallurgy, cement production, waste management and chemical processes. This machine ensures that the material is heated homogeneously and that chemical reactions take place.

Tilting type furnaces have many sub-types according to their intended use and working style. For example, cement kilns allow raw materials to be calcined. Metallurgical furnaces are used in metallurgical processes such as reduction, refining and smelting of ores. There are also types of tilting kilns used in the production of ceramics in waste management.

What are Tilting Type Ovens?

Tilting type furnace is a durable and reliable type of machine that can operate at high temperatures. Each tilting furnace is designed and operates to suit the requirements of a specific industrial application or process. Factors such as process temperatures, material handling rates and control systems determine the unique characteristics of each type. The reverberatory furnace is a furnace with a horizontal structure and is classified separately according to its heating method. Heat treatment furnace refers to a general type and this expression can be used for industrial furnaces used in many areas. In addition, melting furnace refers to a type of furnace frequently used in the field of metallurgy. These products may differ in terms of their intended use and technical details.

Tilting type oven types can be listed as follows;

Cement Kilns: Raw materials such as clay are processed at high temperatures and cement clinkers are produced.

Metallurgical Furnaces: Used for reduction, refining or smelting of metal ores.

Waste Management Furnaces: They are used to generate energy by burning wastes or to convert harmful wastes.

Chemical Furnaces: Used for performing chemical reactions or for the synthesis of chemicals.

Precision Material Processing Furnaces: Used for processing semiconductors or sensitive materials.

Some of the usage purposes of industrial tilting furnace are as follows;

  • heat treatment,
  • material drying,
  • chemical reactions,
  • metal melting,
  • cement production,
  • Waste incineration.
Devirmeli Tip Fırınlar

How to use a tilting oven? The authorization to use these machines should only be available to people who have detailed knowledge, training and experience in this field. The procedures require special equipment, many safety precautions and special attention. Although the mode of operation varies depending on the type and purpose of use of the machine, in general, the machine starts to work after loading and temperature adjustment. After the processing time is completed, the work is terminated with the cooling and material removal stages.

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