Rotary Drum Oven

Rotary drum oven is large drying machines used in industrial processes. These machines are designed to dry materials, heat them, or expose them to chemical reactions. They are also commonly used in production facilities to prepare products for storage and use.

Rotary drum oven heat the materials placed inside them through a rotating drum. Moist materials dry as they come into contact with hot air inside this drum. This allows for a rapid and high-capacity drying process. Rotary dryers thus hold an important place in the industry.

Rotary Drum Oven Prices

The prices of rotary drum dryers can vary depending on the brand, model, and capacity of the machine. These machines are available in different capacities and sizes. Different options can be considered according to the needs of the business they will be used in.

The working principle of rotary type dryers consists of three stages: feeding, drying, and discharge.

At this stage, the material to be dried is placed into the machine’s rotating drum. After all the materials have been transferred, the drum starts to rotate.

The materials inside the rotating drum are exposed to hot air. The moisture in the materials evaporates as they contact the hot air.

In the final stage, the dried materials are discharged from the dryer, ready for storage or use.

Rotary Drum Oven

In industrial processes, drying ovens play a very important role. Rotary drum dryers significantly increase efficiency as they provide even heat distribution and dry large amounts of material in a short time.

What Are the Advantages of Rotary Drying Systems?

For large businesses, saving labor and time in the long run reduces costs and contributes to efficiency. Some of the advantages of drying systems include:

  • Products are dried homogeneously thanks to even heat distribution.
  • Large amounts of materials are processed in a continuous flow.
  • Different temperature settings allow for adaptation to different materials.
  • Simple and robust designs result in low maintenance costs.
  • Energy savings can be achieved with heat recovery systems.

Rotary drum dryers are preferred in many different sectors. For detailed information about the working systems and prices of these machines, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer. This is because drying plant prices can vary depending on the model, size, capacity, and special technologies.

Many factors influence the prices of these machines. Rotary ovens that are high capacity, made of durable materials, energy-saving, and equipped with advanced automation and control systems are more expensive. However, when choosing, the manufacturer’s post-sales installation and maintenance services should also be taken into account.