Indirect Fired Air Heater

Indirect fired air heater is a device used in heating systems. These heaters do not mix air and fuel directly and carry out the combustion process within a combustion chamber. The generated heat energy is indirectly transferred to air or another medium. Indirect-fired systems are preferred due to their emission control capabilities.

Indirect fired air heater is used in environments where air quality is important, and the mixing of combustion gases directly into the breathing air is undesirable. These air heaters provide high efficiency, low emission rates, and safe operation. Indirect-fired systems can also be used in certain industrial processes beyond heating needs.

Indirect Fired Air Heater

Indirect Fired Air Heater Prices

Indirect-fired heaters are used in industrial plants, commercial buildings, and greenhouses. The working principle of these systems is different from other generators. In indirect-fired heaters, there is a system where fuel is burned in a combustion chamber. In this chamber, fuel and oxygen are combined, leading to ignition. The hot gases produced are transferred through a heat exchanger without directly contacting the air or another carrier medium.

The heat exchanger transfers the temperature of the burning gases to the airflow. During this process, the burning gases and air do not directly contact, keeping the airflow clean. The heated air is then directed to the target area through ducts and fans.

The advantages of these systems include:

  • Indoor air quality is preserved since the burning gases do not directly contact the air.
  • Heat loss is minimized, achieving high efficiency rates.
  • The separation of combustion gases from breathable air is beneficial for health and safety.
  • These devices can operate with various types of fuel, such as natural gas, propane, and diesel.

The prices of indirect-fired hot air generators vary depending on the device’s capacity and size. Additionally, generators with high efficiency rates may be more expensive. Automatic control systems, additional technological features, and the brand of the product also influence the prices.

What is Heating with Hot Air?

Heating with hot air is a method of warming spaces by increasing air temperature. In this method, air is heated using a heat source, and then this hot air is directed into the space to be heated. Hot air heating systems are used in various environments such as homes, offices, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities. These systems can utilize various energy sources, including natural gas, electricity, fuel oil, and coal, to meet heating needs.

There are some differences in working principles between indirect-fired generators and hot air generators. In indirect-fired generators, the combustion chamber and the air stream to be heated are isolated from each other. The hot gases produced by combustion transfer heat to the air stream through a heat exchanger. During this process, the combustion gases do not directly contact the air to be heated. Hot air generators typically heat the air directly with the temperature produced in the combustion chamber. In these systems, the air used for heating can mix with combustion gases during the combustion process.

Indirect-fired generators are preferred in places where air quality is important and the mixing of combustion gases directly into the breathing air is undesirable. Some applications include hospitals, food processing facilities, and certain industrial applications. Hot air generators are preferred for heating large and well-ventilated spaces such as greenhouses, workshops, and warehouses.