Fan Prices

Fan prices are determined depending on factors such as capacity and size. These fans are large-scale air movement devices designed for industrial applications. They are used for many purposes such as moving air, temperature control, humidity control, ventilation, evacuation of smoke or vapor.

Fan prices are determined by taking into account details such as the intended use of the product and technical equipment features. Fan types include axial, centrifugal, external rotor, etc. models. These fans are designed for different areas and requirements. Companies wishing to acquire these fans should first determine the area and requirements.

Some important points for fan price determination can be listed as follows;

  • Capacity and Size: The fan’s air movement capacity and physical size greatly affect its price. Higher capacity fans are generally more costly.
  • Motor Power: The power of the motor (measured in HP or kW) is also an important factor on the price. More powerful motors usually cost more.
  • Material: The material the fan is made of is a factor affecting the price. For example, fans made with special materials for corrosive environments may cost more.
  • Efficiency: Fans manufactured with energy-efficient equipment may be expensive at the time of purchase, but they save energy in the long run.
  • Design and Type: Fans come in different designs and types, such as curved blade, straight blade, radial blade. These design differences can affect cost and price.
  • Accessories and Additional Features: Additional features and accessories such as speed control, vibration isolators, thermal protection, sound isolation can increase the price.
Fan Fiyatları

Snail Fan Prices

Snail fans are so named because of their unique snail-shaped design. Technically they are called centrifugal fans. The main feature of these fans is that the air is drawn towards the center of the fan and exhausted in a radial direction (from the center outwards).

The price determination process for these products depends on many aspects, from their technical equipment to the materials used in production. Therefore, it is more appropriate to make a price comparison or research after the product selection phase is completed.

There are rotating blades inside the snail fan. When the motor rotates these blades, air is drawn towards the center of the fan. The air is expelled outward by the rotating blades and gains energy during this movement. As a result, the speed and pressure of the air increases.

  • It is capable of producing high-pressure air. This means it can be used in applications with high pressure requirements.
  • A well-designed snail fan can convert energy into air movement with maximum efficiency.
  • It has a compact design. There are models designed especially for use in restricted spaces.

These products are used to improve air quality and provide heat balance in cold and hot weather. Smoke and vapor extraction and some industrial processes are used to ensure air quality and comfort in buildings, offices, factories and shopping centers.

AIR-FAN is one of the leading companies in the sector for many years in its productions in this field. You can contact us to get detailed information about industrial fan prices and products and to create an order.

Fan Fiyatları

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