Extractor fan, this device searched with the name is actually a suction fan, which is one of the fan types. These fans, which are also called suction fans and suck the air in the environment, are called aspirators. It is a type of ventilation equipment usually found in industrial plants and large mechanical systems. These fans are used to exhaust air by mechanical means or to provide fresh air.

Extractor fan attracts attention with its functionality and efficiency. These fans help the indoor environment to become healthier and more comfortable by providing continuous circulation of air in places such as workshops, factories and warehouses. Aspirators with high air flow rate and pressure capacity are especially preferred in large areas with difficult ventilation.

Extractor Fan

Fan Extractor

An aspirator is a device used to clean the air in places such as workshops, industrial facilities and large kitchens. What is the other name of aspirator? The question appears frequently on the Internet. Aspirator is another name for suction fan, which is one of the fan types. It is also seen that it is used just as “fan” among the public.

What is the use of an extractor fan?

These devices constantly keep the indoor air fresh and ensure that harmful particles, gases or odors are expelled. The most important parts to consider when purchasing are the engine and propeller.

Extractor fan motor is one of the most important parts of these systems. It ensures that the entire system works effectively. The fan motor rotates the aspirator impeller by converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. This spinning motion allows air to be drawn in and expelled, helping to continually clean and freshen the air in the kitchen or work area.

The fan impeller is another of the most basic components of the extractor fan. It has a central role in the suction and exhaust of air. The impeller has a large number of blades, usually designed in a circular or spiral shape. These blades, when rotated by the motor, draw air into the extractor fan and then push it outwards, performing the ventilation process. There are different types and models.

Different extractor models are preferred according to each usage area and need. For example, in some cases channel type aspirators can be used, while in some cases more compact solutions may be required.

The main factors in the preference of aspirators are as follows:

  • They have different properties such as the capacity to filter dust particles, smoke and chemical vapours.
  • Adaptability to many different areas of use.
  • With the ability to be used as chimney extractor, it functions to expel air from the chimneys in buildings.

These characteristics determine how effectively and efficiently an extractor fan works. Choosing a good extractor fan makes the working environment safer and healthier. Therefore, it will be useful to get help from an expert to choose the most suitable model for your needs.

The different product range offers solutions suitable for all kinds of needs. In addition, these aspirators can have many different features, which makes them highly desirable. Especially features such as energy efficiency, low noise level and long life provide great advantages for users.

As a result, choosing the right fan extractor fan model is important in terms of energy efficiency as well as creating a healthy and clean environment. Each model serves a specific purpose of use and the right choice provides benefits in terms of both comfort and cost-effectiveness.

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